Green Community Newsletter - September 2016 - Part 2

Autumn’s the mellow time, Johnny Kelly - Autumn is finally here! After enjoying the cheerful summer months, we are ready to embrace a more mellow weather and humidity. Let’s chill down with our favorite recipe for the month for a simple and healthy meal!


Surga Pecinta Makanan Sehat

Peradaban manusia terus bergerak dan penggunaan teknologi pun merambah ke segala aspek kehidupan manusia. Begitu juga dengan makanan. Agar mendapat cita rasa yang nyaman di lidah, makanan pun diolah sedemikian rupa sejak saat penanaman. Namun demikian, ada juga kaum yang memutar kembali masanya ke saat makanan dibiarkan tumbuh alami sesuai kodratnya. Dengan alasan kesehatan, mereka hanya mau melahap makanan yang tumbuh tanpa sentuhan kimia. Tujuannya tak lain agar tubuh hanya mencerna makanan sehat.


Green Community Newsletter - September 2016 - Part 1

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer -Helen Hunt Jackson. Welcome September! After months of hot summer months, we are now anticipating the rainy season in Jakarta, which brings abundance harvest of tasty fresh produce. Check out our monthly favorite product and recipes for a simple and healthy meal!


Green Community Newsletter - August 2016

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise - Benjamin Franklin. Hit the snooze button! Adequate sleep is key to a better mind, body and overall health. Studies have also constantly shown that sleep is beneficial for learning process and memory. Sleep, learning, and memory are complex phenomena that are not entirely understood. However, animal and human studies suggest that the quantity and quality of sleep have a profound impact on learning and memory. Research suggests that sleep helps learning and memory in two distinct ways. First, a sleep-deprived person cannot focus attention optimally and therefore cannot learn efficiently. Second, sleep itself has a role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information.


Nutrisi Bagi Bangsa

Mawar Kusuma, “Nutrisi Bagi Bangsa,” Soca; Kompas, November 29, 2015, accessed December 3, 2015.

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