Make a simple, healthy breakfast in less than 10 minutes!

Having a great breakfast is not only important to support our body during the day, but also an important mood booster in the morning. With our busy schedule and the necessity to calculate traffic time in Jakarta to get to work, the effort to make a healthy, fresh, and filling breakfast seems far too much time-consuming. In this article, we want to share our current favorite dessert that you can easily whipped up in 10 minutes! We mix different types of tropical fruits to create a vibrant color and a mix of sweet & tangy flavors to kick-start our day!


Going Organic

From supermarket shelves, going online, or picking up the phone and ordering your goods, organic food and goods are becoming a lot easier to track down. Here are our tips for hunting down all things organic. It’s refreshing to see the big supermarkets such as Ranch Market, Food Hall, and Kemchicks stocking organic fruit and vegetables, which are sourced from the Agatho Agro Farm in Bogor. These supermarkets also have special organic corners that carry a variety of organic products including flour, pulses and grains, stock cubes, nuts, biscuits, cereal, and pasta.


Makanan Enak Organik? Ya Michelle Organic Corner!

Tempat makan yang satu ini sesuatu banget. Selain terkenal dengan Green Cafe nya, disini juga ada Supermarket khusus untuk bahan-bahan organik, Juice Bar, dan juga Holistic Center. Lengkap banget buat kamu yang ingin hidup sehat. Berlokasi di Jl. H. A. Salim 74 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.


Green Community Newsletter - September 2016 - Part 2

Autumn’s the mellow time, Johnny Kelly - Autumn is finally here! After enjoying the cheerful summer months, we are ready to embrace a more mellow weather and humidity. Let’s chill down with our favorite recipe for the month for a simple and healthy meal!


Surga Pecinta Makanan Sehat

Peradaban manusia terus bergerak dan penggunaan teknologi pun merambah ke segala aspek kehidupan manusia. Begitu juga dengan makanan. Agar mendapat cita rasa yang nyaman di lidah, makanan pun diolah sedemikian rupa sejak saat penanaman. Namun demikian, ada juga kaum yang memutar kembali masanya ke saat makanan dibiarkan tumbuh alami sesuai kodratnya. Dengan alasan kesehatan, mereka hanya mau melahap makanan yang tumbuh tanpa sentuhan kimia. Tujuannya tak lain agar tubuh hanya mencerna makanan sehat.

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